You gotta save some money for treats before you buy anything


A friend of mine, known as Rahat, 😛 has bought what he might not use for too long: a bicycle. He had been waiting to buy a good bicycle for quite a long time now. Though we knew that his hype with new stuff (has been for gadgets up until now) does not last that long, we started to feel sympathy that he wasn’t getting the cycle. Finally, today, he got what he wanted.

Now, after you get something big that you’ve been wanting for a long time, you must give treat to your friends. It’s something that’s like a universal rule. If you don’t give treats to your friends, your newly purchased stuff won’t last long because a horde of spells are cast upon your new item from the unhappy and unfortunate friends who have been deprived of their treat.

In this case, Rahat says he had to borrow some money in order to buy the cycle. Okay, cool. But even then, he had to remember that after buying his cycle his next step would be to treat his friends. How on earth can he forget that?! Does he not know that his cycle will stop working if he doesn’t follow the universal guidelines?!

Anyway, the point is, always save some money as the Fund for Friends whom you need to give treats after you buy something special. Or else, your newly bought item will face an unfortunate fate in the near future! 😀

Oh and for all the cycle enthusiasts out there, Rahat bought a Veloce 50. If you like it and want to buy one, just keep in touch with him. We’re pretty sure he’s gonna sell it off after his excitement wears off.

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