6.7 magnitude Earthquake wakes up Bangladesh

earthquake in bangladesh

Around 5.05 early morning today, people in Dhaka and various parts of the country woke up to an unusual tremor. Many ran out of the building to a safe distance as soon as they realized it was a strong earthquake. 

According to the US Geological Survey, the 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the northwest of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state in India. It was near the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

earthquake in bangladesh
Screenshot from United States Geological Survey website.

It sent a pretty strong shockwave to the sleeping city of Dhaka and pretty much everywhere in the country. Panicked people rushed out of their buildings for safety. According to multiple news sources, about 50 people have been injured while trying to run for safety during or after the tremors were felt. They have been admitted into Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

The talks and newspaper articles about the consequences of a strong earthquake in Dhaka were hot until they were no longer ‘relevant’.

The last time the country shook pretty strongly was when Nepal survived one of the worst earthquakes of the decade that killed more than 9,000 people. The talks about the consequences of a strong earthquake in Dhaka were hot until they were no longer ‘relevant’.

After today’s earthquake, the discussion is likely to spark up. And, as we have come to know, soon these discussions will stop taking place, too.

What we need is a plan to save the city of millions that’s already in danger. Years after years we have been witnessing minor earthquakes, followed by a wave of newspaper articles and discussions on late night talk shows, taking place. But what real steps have we taken to safeguard the city of Dhaka?

Some would say because Dhaka is built without proper planning, it’s beyond saving. But there are still high-rise buildings being constructed at every corner of the city. Are those following the building code to safeguard the future residents from potential hazards?

Sure, you can’t fight natural calamities. But you can prepare for it. Repeated discussions after repeated [warning] earthquakes make some of us wonder, are we preparing at all or are we just wasting time talking about it?

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