A Ride to Remember

california limousine

This was the most memorable moment I’ve ever spent inside a car! On the first week of October 2013, I was in California, United States. I was invited to what was called “Mozilla Summit 2013” hosted by Mozilla. Yes, the maker of the Firefox browser you use on your computer. I am a volunteer of Mozilla and I was, I believe, randomly chosen as invitee for the event. Initially I wasn’t sure that I would get a visa for the travel. But when I did, I was so excited that words can’t express them. But this post isn’t about my travel to the United States. It’s about my 30 minutes or so in a limousine driving from Silicon Valley to Santa Clara in California. On the last day of the conference, we Mozillians were invited to visit the Mozilla office in Silicon Valley. I registered ahead of the travel so I had an opportunity to get on the shuttle bus without waiting. After a short trip through the empty roads and land of California, which I’ll forever remember, we arrived at the Mozilla office.

We took a brief tour inside the office and then we left. On my way out, I forgot by bag inside the office so I had to go back in to pick up my bag. When I returned, the bus was full. I don’t know how it happened, it was full. Probably some staff from Mozilla hopped on the bus or something. And they won’t let me ride the bus without being seated!

Luckily, there was an accompanying limousine with us and when I couldn’t find a seat on the bus, the staff leading us in the tour told me and one other guy from Germany to hop into the limousine. And I was like, what?!

california, USA
I’m a big fan of empty streets. And the emptiest street I’ve seen so far was in front of Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Now I know riding a limousine might not be a big deal for a lot of you guys. But imagine this, going to the US for the first time, and being able to ride in a limousine in Silicon Valley, the tech kingdom (as tech guy, Silicon Valley always allures me); that’s more than I could hope for!

The ride in the limousine, which had way too much space inside and an onboard Wi-Fi service, was pleasant. The road was, because it was Sunday, empty and the view on both sides was stunning. The driver picked up call during the drive and due to that he had missed an exit, so he had to drive another 20 minutes or so around Silicon Valley to get back on track.

On our way back to the hotel Santa Clara Marriott, we took a short 15-minute break in front of Google offices. That’s where the leading image of this post was shot at. The Google office was closed, so the entire block was empty. The driver said that Google owned a couple of blocks in that area, that’s why even on the traffic lamps it read “Google” as the name of the block.

The ride was an absolutely amazing experience. I still can feel the views of Silicon Valley and comfort of limousine’s couch! 😛 I wish I could go back there again! 🙁 What’s the best car experience you ever had?

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