Hashtag Dhaka is not a newspaper.

It’s not an online news agency either.

It’s a blog.

Written by me, A.I. Sajib, this blog is supposed to give insights into what life in Dhaka — and in Bangladesh overall — is like.

You’ll find featured articles, random daily posts, news analysis, reactions to current affairs, and of course, reviews and informative posts about things that you may find useful.

Think how-to articles on topics like getting a driving license and reviews of hotels and restaurants.

While I mostly write about technology and gadgets, this blog serves specifically to Bangladeshi audience. There is a lot to be written about living in Dhaka — and broadly, in Bangladesh, and I’m taking the initiative to do so.

As such, Hashtag Dhaka is a personal initiative to provide personal and informative posts that will be relevant to the people living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, or keen to know about how life is in this part of the world.

If you have any questions, suggestions, a topic to write about, or any other general feedback, feel free to contact me through this page.