What is Hashtag Dhaka?

It’s not a news website. It’s not a magazine. It’s a blog by one guy who likes to document stuff for others.

On Hashtag Dhaka, I publish opinion pieces, local reviews, and informative content — information that’s not readily available elsewhere on the web.

If you’re in Bangladesh, you may already know that nearly all kinds of information you need are confined within the boundaries of one website called Facebook.

On paper, that’s really convenient. The majority of the country’s netizens are on Facebook. So it makes sense that the majority of the information will also be there.

But there’s something to be said about having information available on the open web.

Information within Facebook’s boundaries is pretty limited and inaccessible. I realized this the hard way when my account was disabled for a week for no apparent reason. During that time, I found myself suddenly out of touch about everything that was happening in the city.

News websites only cover so much. The real information is found within various Facebook groups. From the current traffic condition to the best hotels to stay at in Cox’s Bazar, for information on nearly everything, you have to be on Facebook.

I had created a new profile, but I didn’t even remember all the Facebook groups I was in. So every time I had a specific question, I had to search for a relevant group, send a join request, wait to be approved (which didn’t even happen all the time since my profile was new), and then ask the question.

Sometimes, the information I asked for was already shared by someone else. But search within Facebook Groups isn’t that great. Besides, Facebook doesn’t give you the best user experience when it comes to searching for information.

They want you to post every time you have a question, which increases user engagement on the site, which in turn gives advertisers more opportunities to show ads, ultimately resulting in more money in the bank for Facebook.

I don’t hate Facebook. I think it plays an important role in modern society. But I do hate that so much of information today (in the context of Bangladesh) is not available to someone who’s not on Facebook.

Hashtag Dhaka is my little attempt at sharing information on the web. You don’t need to be on Facebook to access this information. You don’t need to create an account. All you need is a device with an internet connection. And you’ll have access to everything I publish on this site.

If you have post suggestions, comments, or concerns, please send them using the contact form.

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