No, the American girl didn’t marry the rickshaw puller

fullbright american girl

Here’s something you should know: The story spreading like a wildfire on Facebook about an American girl getting married to a rickshaw puller is far from the truth.

While it makes for a great story that a lady from a foreign country not only fell in love with a rickshaw puller due to his honesty but also got married to him; sadly, it didn’t really happen.

The photo of the lady was first tweeted from the Twitter account of the US Embassy in Dhaka. You can see the original tweet, sent out on September 10 of this year, embedded below.

The story got one thing right: The girl is indeed in Bangladesh on Fullbright scholarship. But the picture that circulated on Facebook was taken during her participation in the popular magazine show ‘Ittadi’ — the last remaining reason some people tune into BTV for.

Foreigners’ participation in Ittadi is nothing new as it has been around for as long as I can remember. But spreading a picture from that participation with such a false news doesn’t make for a great experience for the participant.

It’s a shame that an online newspaper would do such a thing to generate views on its website, but it’s a practice we’re seeing a lot these days. The only thing we can do to keep such things from happening is stop sharing everything that we find online. If it happened, there’s a greater chance that an established news media will get a hold of the story and cover it. No reason to trust some -news24 site that only cares about views.

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