A 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Dhaka

earthquake in dhaka

A mild earthquake of a magnitude 7.2 in Richter scale sent strong shockwaves across Dhaka. According to EMSC, the epicenter of the quake was Myanmar and it happend at 20:25:17.1 local time. People in Dhaka rushed to the streets as soon as the tremors were felt. Several sources reported that the tremors were felt in two waves after a […]

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Bangladeshi passport holders can visit Indonesia without a visa

indonesia visa on arrival

If you’re planning to take a trip to Indonesia, and you plan on returning within 30 days, all you need is a passport and $30 fee on arrival. Of course, that doesn’t factor in the cost of air tickets, lodging, and food. This comes as a blessing to many Bangladeshi travel enthusiasts. Many people love […]

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6.7 magnitude Earthquake wakes up Bangladesh

earthquake in bangladesh

Around 5.05 early morning today, people in Dhaka and various parts of the country woke up to an unusual tremor. Many ran out of the building to a safe distance as soon as they realized it was a strong earthquake. 

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The other side of Dhaka Zoo not portrayed on The Daily Star

dhaka zoo mirpur

This morning I stumbled upon this article on The Daily Star about the crippled state of Dhaka Zoo and the animals that live inside of it. As much as I agree with the article, I wish it covered the other side of why it’s not such a popular destination for many Dhaka dwellers.

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National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award Winner Needs Your Help

It isn’t everyday that a Bangladeshi makes headlines around the world. But it does happen every now and then! 32-year-old Bangladeshi mountaineer Wasfia Nazreen is the latest to shine some light on the name of our country once again. Prestigious publication National Geographic has already awarded her National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year title after she […]

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Brac Bank to Start Two-Factor Authentication for Online Banking

Security is the main concern for every party involved in Online Banking. Because the internet is a difficult place to be safe at, various security measures are constantly being applied to ensure the safety of internet transactions and other important accounts such as email and social media profile. One particular system known as Two-Factor Authentication is […]

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Bangladeshi Flag Spotted in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Official TV Commercial

It isn’t exactly a big secret that majority of Bangladeshis are die-hard cricket fans. You can see the cricket craze during any match no matter where you are — in the streets, tea stalls, or on Facebook. It was only a matter of time that our love for cricket gets reflected on some international campaign.

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