This is not the PayPal Bangladesh wanted

After years of giving false hopes, the ICT Division of Bangladesh yet again started the drama of PayPal being launched in Dhaka. Thousands of professionals who couldn’t wait any longer to have PayPal services available in Bangladesh flocked to all PayPal support channels to verify the authenticity of the news that first broke on Prothom […]

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Here’s how much I saved by buying an iPhone 6s from the US

iphone 6s aispictures

I’ll spare you all the good things about the iPhone 6s that other writers would put in the introductory paragraph of a post like this. I must say, though, contrary to popular belief, iPhone is not the best phone in the world. Rather, both iPhone, Android-based phones, and even dumb phones have their own pros […]

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How to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix from Bangladesh

netflix in bangladesh

Living in Bangladesh, we don’t get access to a ton of entertainment materials online, do we? Yes, we consume all of our TV shows and movies from the torrent sites, but did you know that there’s a better way to watch movies and TV shows without having to download them?

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