Country’s First “Cat Show” To Be Held at Press Club

The cats have won the internet long ago. But how are the cats in real life?

Cat lovers in Bangladesh are trying to send that message to the people who adore cats. Despite our apparent love for the cute kittens, there are tons of cats in the city that are abandoned or neglected. Every day we use hundreds of internet memes made of cat pictures. How about we actually show some love for the cats that are sick and abandoned?

Cat Concern Association of Bangladesh has organized this two day event to be held at the National Press Club of the capital. The goal of the show is to spread awareness about cats among the people and encourage them to help sick and helpless cats.

The association’s activities include ensuring food, habitat, medication and vaccination for abandoned and helpless cats. The organizers are expecting that over 200 cats will show up at the two-day event. A special book for cat lovers is also expected to be unveiled at the Cat Show.

Cat owners can just walk into the show with their cats. No prior registration is necessary. Visitors can also adopt cats from the show if they want to. And the rest of us who don’t have any pet cats can also attend the show just for fun. The show will arrange for some games and prizes, all of which will be somehow related to cats. The grand prize winner will be awarded with a pure Persian cat. Now who wouldn’t love some Purrsian fun to bring home?

So, if you’re free this Thursday and Friday (November 13 & 14), be sure to show up at the Press Club for some cat fun! The show will remain open from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday and 9am to 8pm on Friday.

Clear your schedule now, because cats are about to take over the city!

See you on Cat Show.


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