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If you’re on Instagram, and you love seeing random photos of Dhaka — whether you live here or abroad — be sure to follow #Dhaka on Instagram @hashtagdhaka.

Nearly a year after publishing the last post, I’m refocusing some of my efforts on this website with the hope of helping some of the netizens in Dhaka. Of course, all posts won’t contain helpful or useful information. The idea is to write about how life is like in this small yet not insignificant part of the world.

Regardless of whether you live in Dhaka or not, you will find materials that you may enjoy reading. Things that you may be thinking about or feeling the same way as a Dhaka dweller will definitely pique your interest. If you’re abroad, and you miss your city, it’s a no-brainer to see how the Dhaka folks are doing.

At the core of HashtagDhaka was the idea that every post will be either informative or written from a personal point of view. Having established the fact that I’m no good at finding writers to write about their everyday city life on a constant basis, I’m going to restart this site and write about my personal experience as a Dhaka dweller. Along the way, informative posts will also make its way to this website.

If you live in Dhaka and want to contribute, be sure to get in touch. Otherwise, follow #Dhaka on Facebook and Instagram to see life in the city through the eyes and minds of yet another guy in Dhaka.

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