Dubai Int’l Airport enacts new luggage rules

Passengers transiting through Dubai International Airport, the biggest hub in the middle-east, have been advised not to travel with any luggage that doesn’t have at least one flat surface, Gulf News reports.

The new rule went into effect last Wednesday, March 8, in order to avoid delay and inconvenience in baggage handling. 

Commonly known as “Gatti,” many Bangladeshi people coming through Dubai International Airport pack oversized baggage that is difficult to handle and does not have a flat surface on any side.

Announcing the change to the Bangladeshi Facebook users, a popular Facebook page titled ‘Magistrates All Airports of Bangladesh‘ advised Bangladeshi passengers of the new rule.


If you or someone you know is traveling abroad through Dubai International Airport, it’s strongly advised not to pack any bags that look the baggage as outlined in the picture above.

Usually, no airport/airline suggests traveling with baggage that looks like that as they are very inconvenient for the airport personnel to handle and take up a lot of space in the cargo. However, millions of people traveling mostly through the Middle East fly with baggage that looks like that. To smoothen the baggage handling and delivery process, the airport authority has decided to stop allowing such baggage.

It’s worth noting that for an ‘oversize baggage’ fee, the airport may still allow checking in of these types of baggage. But for that, the passengers will have to pay extra, which won’t likely be cheap.

One rule of thumb to guess whether your bag will be allowed is to check if it has at least one flat surface. Bags that are round or irregular-shaped may also need to be checked in for an extra fee as an oversize bag. That goes in addition to the other rules as specified on the airline’s website through which you’re flying.

In any case, it’s always recommended to check the airline’s website or contact the airline customer care before heading off to the airport about the baggage allowance (both in terms of size and weight).

Source: Gulf News

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