Gamescon Dhaka 2016 kicks off amid frustrations and high hopes

gamescon dhaka 2016

Although it took hours for the organizers to actually start the gaming contest part of the event, that didn’t ruin the high hopes of the hundreds of gamers and enthusiasts who showed up today at Jamuna Future Park.

As reported before, the three-day gaming event titled ‘Gamescon Dhaka 2016’ is taking place on the 4th floor of Jamuna Future Park, at Flora Limited’s space, where hundreds of gamers are participating in various competitive games and cosplay.

gamescon dhaka 2016

gamescon dhaka 2016

The venue was packed with visitors on the first day, making it almost difficult to breathe inside the enclosed area. But the organizers are hoping that even more people will join the fun tomorrow as it’s the weekend. Cosplayers will also participate in the event starting tomorrow which will surely attract more visitors.

gamescon dhaka 2016

gamescon dhaka 2016

The event has a total prize money of over BDT 400,000. The organizers are shooting for it to be the country’s largest e-sporting event. By the size of the participation on the first day of the event, it looks like they are going to meet that expectation quite easily.

While this shows a somewhat lack of preparation and expertise in hosting such a large and ambitious event like this, gamers are still hopeful that things will be better from tomorrow onwards.

However, the experience on the first day for the gamers who were there to participate wasn’t exactly ideal. It was already difficult to house such a large audience within a relatively smaller area, sparking discussions that the empty space on the ground floor of the mall might have been a better place for the contest.

Notably, most other gaming events have previously been held on the ground floor of BCS Computer City in Agargaon. Jamuna Future Park undoubtedly has more of such empty spaces that are larger and could easily be used for an event of this size.

gamescon dhaka 2016


The scheduling was also terrible. Most scheduled games were delayed by more than a couple of hours and some games were even canceled despite the fact that the participants had been waiting for hours. They complained that there was no space for the participants to even sit and wait while the organizers prepare the computers for the contest. Still, they waited for the event to kick off smoothly. But they were most disappointed by the cancelation of some of the scheduled games.

Although the event was originally scheduled to kick off at 11 am, it was pushed back to 1 pm. But at 3 pm, the organizers were still seen setting up displays. Some games were on by that time, however.

While this shows a somewhat lack of preparation and expertise in hosting such a large and ambitious event like this, gamers are still hopeful that things will be better from tomorrow onwards. As long as the organizers can keep it together tomorrow and the day after, Gamescon Dhaka 2016’s terrible first day won’t be a thing that people remember for long. A quick look over the event’s Facebook page reveals that most gamers still have high hopes that the rest of the event will go smoothly.

Whether you’re into gaming or not, the organizers invite you to attend Gamescon Dhaka 2016. Head over to Jamuna Future Park tomorrow or the day after and see what all the fuss is about.

A.I. Sajib is a passionate writer with a focus on technology and lifestyle. You can follow his gaming rant on his persnoal gaming site at AIS Gaming.

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