Gamescon Dhaka 2016 to be held in Jamuna Future Park

gamescon dhaka 2016

In Bangladesh, gaming is seen as a major waste of time. It’s mostly the same everywhere else, too. But to be a passionate gamer you don’t necessarily have to give up studies, fail in exams, and build a rap sheet. That’s the message Gamescon Dhaka 2016 aims to spread across gamers and non-gamers alike in Dhaka.

Organized by Virtuosity Gaming Network, Gamescon Dhaka 2016 is scheduled to be held in Jamuna Future Park, one of the city’s most spacious places. January 14th, 15th, and 16th are the confirmed dates for the event that’s already been making buzz among the city’s gaming community.

With a total prize of over 300,000 Taka, and various other activities besides gaming competition like cosplay competition and a friendly discussion about games, Virtuosity Gaming Network hopes that Gamescon Dhaka 2016 will be the grandest e-sport event in the history of Bangladesh.

Although the registration for the event hasn’t opened up yet, the list of the games that will be up for competition has been finalized. According to the event’s official Facebook event page, the selected games for Gamescon Dhaka 2016 are:

  1. CS:GO
  2. DOTA 2
  3. FIFA 16
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD4)
  5. League of Legends

Needless to say, these games will have to be played on a PC platform, but gamers are encouraged to bring their own peripherals like controllers or a custom set of mouse and keyboard.

The organizers said that there will be afterparty (a concert) to further up the hype.

gamescon dhaka As you can see on the event page, Gamescon Dhaka 2016 has already generated enough buzz. But it’s interesting to see that the organizers planning for something this big not just for the gamers’ recreational purposes but also to attract non-gaming communities to explore and learn what the gaming today is all about.

Sure, some threads on that event page will give the non-gamers a sneak peek into the hatred between one gaming community and another, but Gamescon Dhaka hopes to make some changes to the mindset of the gamers and bring together the bunch of people from different gaming communities under the same roof. Because, no matter what game, they all have one passion in common: gaming.

Because, no matter what game, they all have one passion in common: gaming.

Do you plan on attending Gameson Dhaka 2016? What games will you be playing/watching if you’re attending the event?

A.I. Sajib is a passionate blogger and hobbyist photographer. Although he’s mostly into technology and gadgets, he likes spending time writing about the daily experiences and the life surrounding him. See more from him here or follow his gaming rants on AIS Gaming.

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