Gadget & Gear brings Apple HomePod in Bangladesh

A little over a month after Apple officially released Apple HomePod in the US, the first smart speakers from Apple has made its way to Bangladesh. Gadget & Gear, popular gadgets shop, has recently announced the launch of Apple HomePod in Bangladesh.

Apple entered the smart home speaker market too late by launching its first ever smart home speaker called HomePod. However, shortly after its launch, it was evident by many influential reviewers around the world that the HomePod wasn’t as smart as some of the other smart speakers from competing brands.

Even though Apple HomePod got astounding reviews for its sound quality by the likes of The Verge and Om (some even went as far to say that you can’t unhear Apple’s HomePod once you’ve experienced it), they all concluded that it’s still too locked into Apple ecosystem and said that for the time being, other smart speakers from companies like Google and Sonos are far better choice.

Apple isn’t new in locking down its products into its ecosystem. But even for people who have the whole range of Apple products (and therefore are heavily invested in Apple ecosystem), the Apple HomePod simply doesn’t make sense. Its awesome sound aside, it doesn’t work too well with anything other than Apple Music and Siri.

For a full rundown of everything that doesn’t work with Apple HomePod but should, check out the review by Marques from MKBHD who asks (and proves) that Apple HomePod may just be the dumbest smart speaker.

According to Gadget & Gear, Apple HomePod in Bangladesh will initially cost Tk 41,900. Even by Apple’s standards, that is a lot. Audiophiles generally do not mind spending big bucks for high-quality speakers, but the locked-in state of Apple HomePod — which, to some degree, disappointed even the biggest Apple fans — makes it an unreasonable purchase at least for the time being.

Do you have any smart speakers at home? Are you planning to get one? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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