Here’s how much I saved by buying an iPhone 6s from the US

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I’ll spare you all the good things about the iPhone 6s that other writers would put in the introductory paragraph of a post like this. I must say, though, contrary to popular belief, iPhone is not the best phone in the world. Rather, both iPhone, Android-based phones, and even dumb phones have their own pros and cons.

But beyond everything else, it’s the personal choice that matters the most. If you like an iPhone, you’ll want to get an iPhone. Sadly, like most other tech products and gadgets, buying an iPhone in Bangladesh doesn’t come cheap.

Don’t get me wrong, an iPhone is not cheap to begin with. But when you realize that you pay a lot more money to buy the same phone that’s sold for a lot less in the US, it really feels frustrating. I’m not trying to surprise anyone because pretty much everyone knows at this point that tech products are generally cheaper in the US. But how much, exactly?

Let’s talk iPhone 6s

Let’s take a look at the iPhone 6s. Apple announced this new phone with a force touch technology display just a few months ago. Succeeding the already popular iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s became an instant hit, like most other iPhones that came before it.

I wasn’t originally planning on buying the iPhone 6s because I already had an iPhone 5s. My primary phone is an Android one. I use Android because, to some extent, Android provides more flexibility and functionality. But I also use an iPhone when I need to get things done quick. Not to spark yet another debate, but in my personal experience, iPhone does things pretty faster than even a capable Android phone. (Android’s RAM optimization is to blame here, I guess.)

iphone 6s aispictures
Force Touch — or 3D Touch, as it’s formally called –is one of the best features. It’s one of those things that you don’t need, but you surely appreciate once you have it.

But when I walked into the Apple Store in Salt Lake City, Utah, last October along with a few of my colleagues who were buying 3 iPhone 6s, I couldn’t resist from buying the new device. Despite the fact that iPhone 5s is smaller and more comfortable in hands, its lack of screen space does bother me from time to time. I tinkered with the iPhone 6s on display and decided in an instant that I’d get the phone.

Including taxes and everything, the iPhone 6s 64 GB model cost me a little over $800 at an Apple Store in Salt Lake City.

I opted for the 64 GB version of iPhone 6s. A space grey model. I could save a few bucks by opting for the 16 or 32 GB, but I love having space on my phone. The fact that I won’t be able to add any microSD card to the phone made it a no-brainer that I’d get the 64 GB model. My iPhone 5s was also a 64 GB model, so it wasn’t hard to decide.

The difference in price

In total, my iPhone 6s, space grey, 64 GB model cost me $749. Including taxes and everything, I think it was a little bit above the $800 mark, somewhere around $801 or $802. I was happy to have bought the phone because I really appreciate the extra screen state and the force touch technology.

When I told my friends back in Dhaka that the iPhone 6s 64 GB model cost me $800, they were pretty much shocked. It was nowhere near the price that anybody would have hoped to find this phone in Bangladesh. However, iPhone 6s wasn’t available in Bangladesh just yet. So it was the first time I had purchased something that wasn’t available in stores in Bangladesh.

Fast forward to the present day, iPhone 6s is available in a lot of places. For the sake of being fair to the fact that I bought the iPhone from Apple directly, I’d avoid the price you’ll pay to buy an iPhone 6s from various importers and grey market shops. Let’s compare the price that Grameenphone asks for the iPhone 6s.

A quick tour to the company’s iPhone 6s 64 GB page tells me that the price of the phone is, at the time of this writing, Tk. 81,999.

price of iphone 6s grameenphone
Screenshot from Grameenphone’s website.

brac bank dollar priceI went to Brac Bank’s website to see the exchange rate for US Dollars and it was around Tk. 78 per USD. Let’s just take Tk. 80 per USD to be fair.

I paid $800 for the iPhone 6s 64 GB model. You do the math and it’ll be Tk. 64,000. Let’s just add a little more to it and say I paid about Tk. 65,000 for the iPhone 6s. Grameenphone sells it for Tk. 82,000.

That means I saved a total of Tk. 17,000 by buying the iPhone 6s from an Apple Store in the US. For that price, you can buy a pretty decent brand new Android phone just in case you want to taste a bit of both worlds.


Now, I’m not blaming Grameenphone for overpricing the iPhone, as I’m sure there are other fees and whatnot added to the actual price of the iPhone 6s that Apple sells it for. The point of this post is to show that if you can buy an iPhone 6s, or any iPhone for that matter, from the US, you’ll end up saving quite a lot of money.

iphone 6s aispictures

If you aren’t taking a trip to the US anytime soon, find someone trustworthy who will. Even if you pay the person some money for their trouble, you’ll still be saving quite a lot of money by purchasing the iPhone directly from Apple in the US.

Of course, there are a few caveats of buying something from the US. If it’s faulty, the warranty claiming will be a troublesome process. I’m not even sure if you can claim an Apple warranty for iPhones in Bangladesh. You can claim warranties for most other Apple products like MacBooks from Bangladesh, but I’ve had a terrible experience with the country’s top Apple reseller so I’m not very hopeful of any groundbreaking after-sales service if I buy the iPhone from Bangladesh. (I’ll post about that experience some other day.)

Have you bought any gadget recently? How much does it cost in the US? 😉

Photographs by AIS Pictures.

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