iPhone price in Bangladesh and where to buy it

Another year, another iPhone. Fans of Apple can’t wait to get their hands on a new iPhone – especially if they’ve been waiting for some time to upgrade from their older iPhone – every time a new model is launched. In the past, it used to take a long time for new iPhones to reach Bangladeshi market. Nowadays, it doesn’t take longer than a month for new iPhones to make their way into Bangladesh. If you’ve been wondering about the iPhone price in Bangaldesh where to buy one in Dhaka, this post is for you.

Unlike Samsung and other branded phones, which are sold through dealerships in various locations, people who want to buy an iPhone always can’t go to a ‘dealership’ because Apple does not officially sell iPhones in Bangladesh. As a result, their search for the right place where they can get a genuine device at a relatively reasonable price.

It happens every time a new iPhone sees the horizon. This year is no different. With the launch of iPhone XS and XS Max a couple of months ago, people who have been waiting to upgrade or get their first iPhone is now in search for the right shop to buy the iPhone from.

However, the ‘right’ shop may not exist at all.

The best place to buy an iPhone in Bangladesh…

Examine the receipt below.

Click to enlarge

I bought an iPhone XS base model (64 GB, Space Grey) from an Apple store in Florida for a friend. It cost $1063.94. At Tk. 83 per US dollar, it comes to a little over Tk. 88,000. I doubt you’ll find any shop in Bangladesh that sells a brand new iPhone XS below Tk. 1,00,000 mark.

In fact, the cheapest I could find was Tk. 1,12,000 from Red Apple. It’s still Tk. 24,000 cheaper to buy from abroad. I’m sure there are explanations as to why the price shoots up that much, but as a buyer, it doesn’t help you much.

What that means is that, in my opinion, the best place to buy an iPhone in Bangladesh is to buy from abroad.

That’s right. Get a hold of a friend or relative who’s coming from abroad and beg them to buy an iPhone for you. You may even try sending them a picture of you holding the cash so that you gain their confidence that you’ll pay them back. You’ll save a ton of money if you can get someone to buy an iPhone from locations abroad.

Apple Store at The Florida Mall, Florida, US.

Heck, I think that if you take a trip to countries like Thailand* and buy the phone yourself, you might still end up paying less than the full price of an iPhone in Bangladesh. And that’s only the base model’s pricing. If you want to get a higher end iPhone XS Max with more storage, you’ll only pay that much more.

The only reason I can think of that would justify the purchase of an iPhone in Bangladesh – other than having no one who could buy an iPhone for you from abroad –  is if you buy it through EMI.

If you take a trip to countries like Thailand and buy the phone yourself, you might still end up paying less than the full price of an iPhone in Bangladesh.

EMI – Equated Monthly Installment – is available in most of these shops listed below. If you have a credit card from a participating bank – City Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Eastern Bank, etc. – you will be able to pay the full price of the phone over a period of 3, 6, or even 12 months.

You still end up paying the outrageous price of the iPhone – and then some more in interests – but it’s the only way if you don’t want to spend a large sum of cash at once.

Otherwise, you really should opt for buying the iPhone from abroad.

iPhone Prices in Bangladesh

For many reasons, you may still need or want to buy an iPhone from a local shop in Bangladesh. There are quite a few reliable shops where you can buy your iPhone. Here are some of the most popular ones that I can recommend. I’ve also included the price of iPhone at the time of this writing so that you can take a look.

Gadget & Gear

Some people may complain about this recommendation since there have been some negative comments from customers in the past, but in my experience, devices purchased from them have been genuine and reliable. I’ve never had to take a product back and I didn’t see any major difference in pricing between them and other sellers in the market.

Over the years, I’ve purchased the majority of my electronics from Gadget & Gear. The list includes my current iPhone 8 Plus (I bought it locally because my previous phone’s battery wasn’t lasting even a day), a couple of GoPro cameras, Nexus 5x, OnePlus 5, a Bose wireless headphone, and a lot of accessories such as charging cables, screen protectors, etc.

Their iPhone XS pricing as of now, with 1-year Apple International Warranty, they say, is:

64GB Price Tk. 129,900/-
256GB Price Tk. 149,990/-
512GB Price Tk. 174,990/

Gadget & Gear has showrooms in Bashundhara City and Jamuna Future Park along with other locations in Dhaka and a few other cities.

Executive Machines Limited

With a showroom in BCS Computer City (IDB Bhaban, Agargaon), Executive Machines is one of the preferred places for Apple users in Bangladesh to buy Apple products. In addition to the whole range of MacBooks and iMacs, they also sell iPhones and iPads. According to the pricing posted on their Facebook page a week ago, the iPhone XS with 64GB of storage costs Tk, 129,990.

Red Apple BD

Located at Dhanmondi, Red Apple is secretly famous. I say that because I never saw their advertisement anywhere, but I saw recommendations from people on my Facebook who I trust to recommend something really worth it. Their website has a list of pricing, but they don’t seem to be updated. Because when I contacted them on Facebook, they mentioned the iPhone XS 64 GB price to be Tk. 1,30,000 while their website mentions Tk. 1,20,000.

Something else they told me on Facebook is that there’s a “Singapore warranty” that you can buy at a cheaper price. It’s that Tk. 1,12,000 – cheapest I could find – that I mentioned above. If you want to pay Tk. 1,12,000 you can get the iPhone XS 64 GB with Singapore warranty. For Bangladesh warranty, the price goes up to Tk. 1,30,000 for the same model.

I did not ask for details about the difference between “Bangladeshi warranty” and “Singapore warranty,” but you could ask them on Facebook if you’re interested. I’m not sure how this compares to Gadget & Gear’s “Apple International Warranty” that they claim on their website. It might be a good discussion to have with them too while you’re shopping.


This here is an online store and while I don’t know who the actual seller is here, I’ve heard positive reviews of Pickaboo overall. They sell the iPhone XS 64 GB for Tk. 129,900, same price as the Executive Machines, but you can order online and get EMI benefits.

Their website will let you see exactly how much you will need to pay per month and what the interest percentage is. So, even if you’re not buying from them, you can take a peak to see what it would cost.

Other notable mentions include Alohaishoppe, iCenter, and Custom Mac BD. I have not checked for pricing there, but they are known for selling genuine Apple products. If you are shopping, you can ask them for pricing, too.

What about warranty?

You see, the best place to get your iPhone fixed is also at an Apple store abroad. 😉

However, if you buy it from here, and you are unfortunate to need to send it under warranty, your first point of contact would have to be the shop where you bought it. This is one area where buying locally can come in handy.

There are shops that fix iPhones, but if it’s under warranty, the process of claiming that may be different from one shop to another.

I’ve had terrible experiences with sending Apple product to warranty in Bangladesh (It was a MacBook Air that needed a repair.). So, unfortunately, I don’t know what to recommend here. Apple products typically do not need to be sent for repairs under warranty, but you would want to ask the shop before buying for clarification regarding claiming the warranty should you need it.

Have your recommendation

Do you have any other place to buy an iPhone that you would like to recommend to the readers? Feel free to add your recommendation in the comments section below.

* Speaking of Thailand, if you want to apply for a visa, check out how to apply for Thailand visa in Bangladesh.

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