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An awkward thing took place last night at the final of Miss Universe 2015. The host of the event mistakenly announced the 1st runner up as the winner. Confusion, anger, and mockery followed as later the crown was switched to correct his error.

The host of the glamorous night named Steve Harvey couldn’t be more careless as he announced Miss Colombia as the winner when in fact, the card said she was the 1st runner up.

Harvey must have looked at the card, saw the word ‘1st,’ and didn’t think twice to double check.

After Miss Colombia received the crown and Miss Universe tag, Harvey came back on stage to reveal his mistake. After a few awkward moments of disbelief, he announced that Miss Philippines was the real winner.

The moment you never wish you’d face.

You have to take a look at the video below to see which may have been the most embarrassing moments for both of the ladies.

Losing the crown at the final stage definitely hurts a lot. Imagine how happy Miss Philippines must have felt when her shattered hopes came back together as she was announced Miss Universe 2015.

But on the other hand, imagine the joy and excitement disappearing into thin air as Miss Colombia was decrowned. You do not want to be that person from whom the crown is taken away despite it not being your fault.

Although Harvey seemed genuinely embarrassed about the mistake he made, many took to Twitter to say that this simply was a publicity stunt. Many people wouldn’t even know or care who Miss Universe was unless such a big mistake was made.

Publicity stunt or not, it certainly did gain the event a lot more coverage that it would have received otherwise. You won’t be reading about this here unless Harvey made the mistake. So, the showrunners may have to thank Harvey for making that mistake.

However, understandably, Miss Colombia will not feel the same way. Many would say that it’s better to just be the second than being the first for just a couple of minutes.

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