Netflix launches in Bangladesh among many other countries

netflix in bangladesh

Netflix — one of the most popular online destination for streaming TV shows and music — has just opened its doors to pretty much every country in the world. Amazingly, that includes Bangladesh, too.

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At Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Netflix officially announced that it’s now available in 130 more countries around the world. The most notable country that is still not in the list is China. But for us, the most notable country that just got whitelisted is Bangladesh.

Although Netflix being available in Bangladesh is a good news to many, there’s still a major obstacle. And that’s not the country’s average internet speed.

There were rumors swirling the web that Netflix was going to launch its services in India. But no one predicted that it will also open up its gate to Bangladesh. After the company’s chief executive Reed Hastings took to the stage at CES in Las Vegas and announced #netflixeverywhere, people in Bangladesh started discovering that there’s now a that’s popping up.

Previously, visitors from Bangladesh were greeted with a not available message as seen below.

But starting very recently, people from Bangladesh are able to access Netflix without an issue.

I’ve previously written extensively about how to access Netflix from Bangladesh even when it wasn’t available. Now that there aren’t those boundaries to cross, there’s still one more obstacle to getting Netflix to the majority of the people. And it’s not the bandwidth — or internet speed — that you might think.

The problem that most people will face when trying to sign up for Netflix is a payment method. With PayPal still not technically available in Bangladesh and only a few people owning internationally accepted credit cards, many would still be unable to access Netflix’s vast array of titles.

Speaking from experience, Netflix streams surprisingly well in inconsistent internet connection, changing the resolution automatically that’s suitable for buffer-less streaming.

If you have a Neteller or Payoneer card, however, you will be able to use that for a Netflix subscription. The other best way is to get a friend to bring some Netflix gift cards from the US so that you can redeem those cards and watch.

Still not sure why you should subscribe to Netflix? Check out the last few sections of the benefits of having a Netflix subscription (no, it’s not just to chill 😉 ) in the earlier post that I wrote about watching Netflix from Bangladesh.

CES is the year’s most exciting time for geeks as almost all of the major brands show off what’s coming throughout the rest of the year. Although we get excited seeing all the news and videos coming out of CES premises in Las Vegas, rarely do we get to enjoy the perks of a surprise announcement. This is one of those rare moments that’s worth getting excited for!

Need a few recommendations for Netflix? Watch Broadchurch, Flashpoint, Person of Interest, BoJack Horseman, House of Cards, Zoo, Life (Documentary), and Bob’s Burger. 😛

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