Nissan Beats Kim Kardashian In the Race of Bigger Bottoms

Kim Kardashian, who is an Internet sensation for reasons not quite clear (Wikipedia says she came to attention because of a, well, let’s say a leaked video tape concerning her with her then boyfriend named, well, “Ray J”. Afterwards she was given her own TV show, fashion line, even recently a mobile game and tonnes of photoshoot opportunities and became the idol for girls worldwide (what has happened to the world!). one could say she literally fell into money so to speak.

Recently she came to media attention again when she attempted to break the internet (literally) with her posterior, which according to posterior experts everywhere is quite voluptuous and eye-pleasing. Her bare behind graced the front page of Paper magazine and of course, the interwebs went insane with shares and talks of what people have dubbed “magnificent A**”.

However, renowned car maker Nissan and their tuner counterpart Nismo have released a posterior shot of their tuned and critically acclaimed sports car, the R35 Nismo GTR and tagged Kim Kardashian on it via twitter, claiming it is bigger.

A jab at her celebrity status no doubt, but makes me wonder what kind of a society we are living in where people get the world to talk just by having an extra large and [claimed] natural bottom and baring it for the world to see.

It should be noted it was the day mankind managed to land a space probe on a comet, but that historical event was (again, literally) squashed by KK’s behind. And later a couple of full frontal nudes. Her daughter will be so proud I’m guessing; who, by the way, is quite aptly named “North West”.

As is the tradition of the interwebs, many pictures were photoshopped in light of recent events concerning the said behind and the landing on a comet, and the picture sharing sites were again abuzz with excitement. It is actually amazing how a simple body part can cause so much discussions, and whether even the Mona Lisa had managed to capture so much attention back in its day.

Alas, we may never find out!

S.M. Tahmid wrote this post while he was neither drooling over the car photos on Facebook nor exploring the wasteland on Fallout 4. See more from him here.

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