Two Events Starting Tomorrow That Might Pique Your Interest

camera fest dhaka drik gallery

Here’s a friendly reminder of two separate events starting tomorrow in the city that you may be interested in going. One of these events is related to going which hopes to attract non-gamers as well, whereas the other one is for camera enthusiasts. Gamescon Dhaka 2016 Organized by Virtuosity Gaming Network, Gamescon Dhaka 2016 is expected […]

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Everything you need to know about watching Netflix in Bangladesh

Netflix in Bangladesh

Netflix just launched in Bangladesh. It’s the current hot topic among movie and TV show fans who want to watch movies legally without downloading it. Just how much should you expect from Netflix? Let this post be your introduction to the world of Netflix.

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6.7 magnitude Earthquake wakes up Bangladesh

earthquake in bangladesh

Around 5.05 early morning today, people in Dhaka and various parts of the country woke up to an unusual tremor. Many ran out of the building to a safe distance as soon as they realized it was a strong earthquake. 

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Gamescon Dhaka 2016 to be held in Jamuna Future Park

gamescon dhaka 2016

In Bangladesh, gaming is seen as a major waste of time. It’s mostly the same everywhere else, too. But to be a passionate gamer you don’t necessarily have to give up studies, fail in exams, and build a rap sheet. That’s the message Gamescon Dhaka 2016 aims to spread across gamers and non-gamers alike in […]

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The other side of Dhaka Zoo not portrayed on The Daily Star

dhaka zoo mirpur

This morning I stumbled upon this article on The Daily Star about the crippled state of Dhaka Zoo and the animals that live inside of it. As much as I agree with the article, I wish it covered the other side of why it’s not such a popular destination for many Dhaka dwellers.

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Miss Universe Miss Information

miss universe 2015

An awkward thing took place last night at the final of Miss Universe 2015. The host of the event mistakenly announced the 1st runner up as the winner. Confusion, anger, and mockery followed as later the crown was switched to correct his error.

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