Photo Album

Hashtag Dhaka maintains a photo album consisting of voluntary photographers who share their works with a global audience. We maintain a separate Hashtag Dhaka account on Flickr — a popular photo sharing website — where we share those photographs of every day Dhaka. We want to showcase the city as we know it, its important and regular structures, streets, nature and so on. You can visit Hashtag Dhaka Flickr stream to see those photographs. The photos are categorized via albums so that you can browse what you’re looking for.

The purpose of the photo albums is largely to let you use those photographs in your posts on Hashtag Dhaka. If you’re writing a post about a place and you don’t have a good picture of that area, chances are, you’ll find one in the albums.


The photographs shared from Hashtag Dhaka Flickr stream are free for personal and commercial use as long as a credit to the original photographer is properly mentioned. Each photograph contains a brief description and below that is the name of the photographer that took the photo. You may use these photographs without altering or modifying it, but you will be required to credit the photographer where it’s due.