Step-by-Step Guide on How to Renew/Reissue Passport in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our hearts miss a beat whenever we think of any task that has to do with our government. A lot of things used to be a big hassle — and some of them still are — whenever you needed some sort of citizen service from government offices.

However, over the past few years, significant changes have taken place. Digital Bangladesh is still a phrase we use to mock ridiculous decisions that our government take from time to time — entering 200+ characters by hand to top-up prepaid electric meters, banning Facebook during exam periods, shutting down internet ahead of the exams to prevent question leaks, to name a few — but if you look at some other areas, a lot has actually changed.

Applying for and renewing a passport used to be a ‘broker’ or dalal’s territory. The process still incites fear among the people. Even today, it does make one afraid and stressed about the whole process. The truth is, thanks to the digitalization of much of the process, it’s becoming much, much easier to do these tasks.

How I renewed/reissued my passport

Before I go any further, I wanted to clarify that although ‘renewing passport’ is how we talk about this, your passport isn’t actually renewed. It’s called ‘reissuing passport’ for a reason. They print an entirely new passport for you. So you can only reissue a passport, not technically renew it.

But that’s how we talk about it, so I’ll use both words interchangeably.

It took me a total of 40 minutes on a Wednesday morning to apply for a re-issue of the passport.

Toward the end of last month, I applied to renew/reissue my MRP (Machine Readable Passport) at Agargaon’s Regional Passport Office in Dhaka. I have never had to renew a passport before, but I heard that you’d have to go through the whole process of applying for a new passport. All of the documents that you had to provide during the first application process had to be supplied yet again. Just the thought of that made me not want to renew my passport.

Only if I could go abroad without a passport!

dip website

After some research on the relevant website and asking some friends on Facebook, I came to know that renewing the passport, at least in Dhaka, had become much, much simpler. Unless you need to make any changes to your existing passport’s data, it’s really a process that can be done in under 1 hour.

You read that right. It took me a total of 40 minutes on a Wednesday morning to apply for a re-issue of the passport.

Here are the step-by-step process and the documents required for renewing your MRP passport.

Key points:

  • This post assumes that you’re applying for re-issuing a Machine Readable Passport. That means your current passport is already machine readable and you’re in need of a new one.
  • Passport’s validity dates aren’t extended. That’s why officially it’s called “re-issue” instead of renewal. After you apply, you’ll get a new passport. And from that point onwards, you’ll need to carry both of your passports everywhere you go.
  • If you’re not making any alterations or corrections for your new passport, this process is simple and easy to follow.
  • You only need three pieces of documents: One application form, one photocopy of the current passport, and one bank receipt of the passport fee payment attached with the application form.
  • No police verification is needed if you aren’t changing your address on the new passport.
  • In most cases, only ‘picture change’ may be necessary. The applicant must physically be present for the re-issue application.
  • No attestation is necessary. (Sighs of relief!)

Please note that this is applicable for those renewing their passport at Agargaon’s Regional Passport Office in Dhaka. I also did not need to make any correction on my passport. Passport offices in other areas may have a different requirement. I’ve heard from at least one person that in another passport office, they needed the main copy of passport application as well (DIP Form 1) which is not mentioned on the website.

Payment for re-issuing passport

I think it’s better to get the payment out of the way first. It doesn’t matter when or where you pay for the passport renewal. So, it’s best to pay at an earlier date so that on the day of the application, you can just focus on everything you need to do at the passport office.

You can pay for the passport renewal at any branch of the following banks:

  • Bank Asia
  • Dhaka Bank
  • Premiere Bank
  • Trust Bank Ltd
  • One Bank

In addition to all of the above, you can also pay the fee at Sonali Bank. But I prefer to pay at one of those above as the queue is generally shorter.

During the payment, double check that your name appears on the receipt exactly as it will appear on your passport. Take your passport with you if you need assistance. If there’s any discrepancy between what your name is on the passport and what your name is on the receipt, it will cause complications later on.

Payment amount for passport renewal

If your passport hasn’t expired when you’re applying for a re-issue, you will not have to pay any extra fee. So, you will be paying these standard fees:

  • Regular (takes somewhere between 4 to 5 weeks) – Tk. 3,450.
  • Express (takes somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks) – Tk. 6,900.

Once you’ve paid at any of the banks mentioned above and double checked that your name is spelled correctly on the receipt, you’ll need to go to the website and download the DIP Form 2.

If your passport has already expired, you’ll have to pay extra fees. It’s Tk. 345 for every year after the expiration. So, if your passport expired in January 2016, and you’re renewing in February 2018, you’ll need to pay Tk. 345 x 2 (for two years) Tk. 690 extra.

This has to be paid at the same time when you pay the passport fees. So, to be on the safe side, take your expiring/expired passport with you, and the bank should be able to determine how much you need to pay.

Documents needed for re-issuing passport

If your passport is the ordinary type, and you don’t need to make any corrections to your passport’s information, you only need the following documents in order to apply for a re-issue of MRP. None of these has to be attested which can come as a big surprise considering how our government loves to have everything attested.

  • One filled up application of DIP Form – 2. You do not need a copy of this. You can print it from here.
  • One photocopy of the present/current passport’s information and photo page.
  • Original passport.
  • Applicant should be present in person — and in case a photo change is needed, you should avoid wearing white or light-colored shirt/dress.
  • That’s really all you need provided that you won’t be making any changes or corrections to your passport. If you need to make any corrections, or if your passport is “Official,” or if you are a retired government official, you can check this PDF for information on what else is needed.

Filling up the form:

This page on DIP website has a specimen (or real? Who knows!) copy of a filled DIP Form 2. You can check that out to see how to fill out the information. The form is pretty basic and doesn’t really ask for a lot of information. Make sure to avoid typos or corrections, use block letters, and write the bank receipt number carefully.

passport bangladesh

Also, make sure to use glue, not staple or anything else — for attaching the PP Office copy of your bank receipt on the top right corner of your DIP Form 2. Do this after you have filled out the form.

As an extra caution, you can also take an extra piece of unfilled DIP Form 2 with you just in case you need to fill out the form differently. (That is, if you mess up the first form.) You should also take glues and pen with you so that you don’t have to look around like a helpless person at the passport office premises.

Once you have everything you need, you need to be physically present at the Agargaon’s Regional Passport Office. You can submit for re-issuing your passport anytime before 2 pm on working days. But it’s best if you can get there early — like at 10 or 11 in the morning.

Where to go, what to do

Important: I’ve written these steps exactly as I had to do them. But they may change in the future. So, when you’re at the passport office, always ask the uniformed officers where to go next and they will help you with your application process. 

At the passport office, you’ll see a queue forming right after the metal detector doors. It’s on your left after you enter the gate. All passport applicants — first time and re-issue — have to queue up on the single line. So, queue up there and wait for an officer at the desk at the end of the queue to check your papers.

For re-issue, you’ll only need one copy of the filled out DIP Form 2 with the bank receipt attached to the top right corner and one photocopy of your passport. The officers will check these at the entrance, write down a serial number on your form, and then let you into the office.


From there, you’ll go to room 301. Ask anyone where 301 is and they’ll tell you. Inside 301 on the right side’s counter, you’ll need to present your current passport along with your full set of documents. The officer there may ask if your passport has valid visas. Please tell them ‘yes’ if you do; otherwise, they might void your passport immediately.

Having checked your documents and making sure that everything is set, the officer will sign on your form and tell you to go to 307.

307 isn’t really a separate room. Go through the middle of the entire room and you’ll come across a small desk that reads 307. You’ll be given a serial number on your form. He’ll tell you to go to Room 401.


The stairs are to your left after you leave the 307 desk. Go upstairs and you’ll find 401 entrance to the right. There’ll be another desk where your forms will be checked and a serial number written. It doesn’t really matter what the serial number on your form is at any point in time because as I found out, you have to queue up everywhere.

So, when you go from point A to B, make sure to go there fast. You can’t argue with your serial number.

After your form is checked and signed at 401, you will enter the waiting hall. To your right, you will see two doors and two separate queues — one for males and the other for females. 404 is the bio-enrollment room for females while 405 is where you should queue up if you’re a male.

Now is the time for you to wait. This will likely be the longest wait time because taking photographs, biometrics and signatures are time-consuming. Also, both first-time applicants and re-issuers queue up for the same room. So, you’ll be in this queue for a while. You may start chatting with others in the queue to spend the time!


When your serial arrives, you’ll enter the bio-enrollment room and wait for your turn. As a reminder, you should avoid wearing any white or light colored shirt/dress. When your turn comes up, present all the documents to the operator and they will check and ask you some basic questions.

They will also take your photo — for which you’ll need to remove any white cap and glasses — and then take your fingerprints.

In reality, the photo is the only thing that will change in your new passport. But if you want, you can also change your signature on the passport. They’ll ask you about it, and you can either keep it as it is or update it with a new signature. You don’t need any additional papers to have your signature changed on the new passport.

Once done, they’ll print three copies of the confirmation/delivery slip and you will have to give it to them to sign and confirm.

Before you leave the room, please read everything on that receipt to double-check that the information, as well as the spelling, is correct. It’s much easier to change any error right away. If you leave with a spelling error, that’s how your passport will be printed. And changing it later is a hassle that you do not want to take.

If everything seems okay, you can leave the building. You’re done! That’s it! The slip will have a tentative delivery date when you can expect to take delivery of the passport, however, you will need to wait for an SMS confirmation to your mobile phone — the number of which is also printed on the delivery slip — before you head to the passport office for collection.

Checking the status of your passport renewal online

Once the hard part is done, you can’t wait for a new passport, and you must find out what stage it is in right away! You can actually check the progress of your passport re-issuance by going to the link here and entering the application number — found on the delivery slip — and your date of birth.

I’ve applied for re-issuing the passport and paid for the “Express” fee. There is no police verification required for the passport renewal given that you aren’t changing any of the information. I applied on January 24, and the tentative date of delivery I got was February 4 — about 10 days.

I kept waiting and checking the status of the passport renewal on the passport status page until the SMS finally arrived.

Taking delivery of the new passport

I launched myself toward the passport office in Agargaon on the following day after I received the SMS that the passport is ready for collection. It was sooner than I’d thought. The tentative delivery date was 4th of February. But it was ready for delivery on 30th January. Only 6 days after I applied!

bangladeshi passports

So, the day after receiving the SMS, I visited the Agargaon passport office and went straight to the first floor (room 201). There’s a small queue on the left of that room where you have to submit the delivery slip. They will check if the passport is indeed ready, and then they will give you a token with a serial number printed.

With the token in hand, it was the beginning of a waiting game.

It doesn’t take that long, to be honest. And they don’t deliver serially. They kind of look for the passport in the back and deliver whichever they find first. So, even though my serial was 450+ and I entered the room when the current token no. was 150, it didn’t take more than an hour for me to get called on.

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On the counter, I had to sign on the back side of the application form and that’s it. They delivered the passport to me. I checked the name and other details just to be sure they were accurate. Thankfully, they were, and I was on my way back home sooner than I’d expected.


The thought of renewing the passport was scary before I actually started the process.  To my surprise, the entire process was painless, straightforward, and was done ‘sooner-than-expected.’ I was genuinely surprised at how fast the process was.

Of course, I don’t think all passport offices in Bangladesh are following this quick and painless method yet, so if you’re going to another passport office, make sure you gather information about what’s needed.

But if you’re going to Agargaon passport office to renew your MRP/Machine Readable Passport, you’re in luck. The process is as painless as it can be if you don’t have to change any of the information on your passport.

If you’ve recently reissued your passport and changed any information on your new passport, let me know in the comments whether the process was as easy.


I wrote this post according to my experience and the process as of January-February 2018. If you’re reading this at a later time and have noticed that the current process of reissuing passport is different, please feel free to let me know so that I can update this document. Thank you!

89 Replies to “Step-by-Step Guide on How to Renew/Reissue Passport in Dhaka, Bangladesh”

  1. Hello Mr Sajib,

    My current MRP is about to expire. If I reissue will my existing passport no will change? Thank You

  2. Hi Mr. Sajib,

    Thank you for such detailed description of the process. I hope it will help many people with their application.

    I have a question. When you re-issue a passport, you said the validity doesn’t change. What does that mean? For example, suppose my passport is expiring on December 2018 and I apply for a re-issue with some alteration of information, such as marital status, will they issue me a new passport with the same expiry date of December 2018 or would it be with 5 years validity from the date of issue? Do you have any idea how this will work?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mr. Moinul,

      Apologies if that part was confusing.

      What I meant there was that your existing passport’s expiry date is not extended by reissuing a passport. So, in your case, if you reissued your passport, you would get a new one that would have five years validity in it from the issue date. Your existing passport, which expires in December 2018, will not be extended.

      Hope that makes sense.

  3. Brother, I need to renew my passport. It will be expired soon (within 4/5 months). So, How do I renew it?

    You are saying “Passport’s validity dates aren’t extended.” So, How do I renew it?


    1. Hi!

      You can follow the instructions that I’ve given in this post. Although we call it ‘renewing passports,’ technically, what they do is ‘reissue the passport.’

      So when you apply for a new passport following the instructions in this post, they will issue a new passport for you.

      Hope that helps.

        1. Right now, yes. There have been talks about increasing that to 10 years, but right now, if you apply for a reissue, you’ll get a new password with 5 years of validity. Then you’ll have to carry both of your passports with you at all times.

  4. Brother Sajib,
    My passport date is expiring so I have apply to reissue my passport. I also need to change my Marital status and photo. Is there any extra fee for changing marital status and photo or it’s only 3450 Taka? If there is a fee then how much is it? Should I need another form for that?

    1. I don’t think there’s any extra fee for changing the marital status and photo. You may need extra documents for changing the status, but no extra fees.

  5. Brother,
    I lost my passport in a mugging accident. I have my passport number, what documents should i take! And when should i go to avoid the queue. I made the passport this year,so the passport is not expired!

    1. You’ll need to file a General Diary (GD) at your local police station with a copy of your passport. I’m not sure about the process afterwards, but I don’t think you’ll get the same passport. You’ll probably have to apply for a re-issue. The police station should know about the next steps after you file the GD with them.

  6. A bit of an unusual question. The MRP doesn’t have the present address printed on it. I forgot which present address I used while applying for the passport. Do you happen to know a way to find out the present address from the existing information on the passport? Cheers.

    1. I’m not aware of any public-facing way to see the present address. You may want to contact the help desk at the passport office for assistance with that.

  7. Hello brother,
    Thanks for the info. i have some queries:
    1. If the present address is different than the NID/Birth Certificate, what extra docs should I provide?
    2. For my baby of 18 months, do i need to submit any docs rather than his birth certificate? (like parents NID/Passport etc.)

    Kindly reply.

    1. Hi there,

      For the first question, please go to and check the required documents needed for updating the present address. For the second question, I’m not sure, but it won’t hurt to have a copy of the parents’ NID just in case they ask for it at the counter when submitting.

      Hope that helps. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for such a helpful article! Saved me a lot of anxiety. To add to the information provided, I’d like to point out that it is required to carry a photocopy of the current passport that needs to be reissued and present the photocopy while making the payment at the bank. I went to One Bank to make the payment and carried a photocopy of my passport just in case and it turned out that it’s a requirement. Cheers!

    1. I’m glad you found this useful. Thanks for the additional information, too. I didn’t need a copy of the passport. I sent the passport itself to the bank so I guess they may have copied the passport on their own.

  9. recently I have got my digital NID and the NID no is different from the previous one. my passport has also expired in February 18. now I will renew it. my question is:
    should I change the NID no at the same time?

    1. I think you’ll nee to contact the passport office for an accurate information on that as NID no. change is not a common occurrence. You can find the contact information for the passport office here:

      I would advise you to download a copy of the reissue form and take it to the passport office. They will be able to help you directly on this matter.

  10. Hi,
    My passport has expired (2014) & its not a Machine Readable Passport (MRP). What will be the procedure to get a MRP in my case.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I believe you’ll need to apply for a new passport from here: – The procedure described in this post applies to those who are reissuing their Machine Readable Passport, not applicable to those who are getting their first Machine Readable Passport. So, in your case, I believe you’ll need to apply for the MRP as a new one.

  11. Hello brother, it’s a very helpful article. But i have one question. I made my passport from tangail passport office. So am i able to reissue my passport from dhaka?

  12. Hello There,
    i have applied from the London office to renew my passport. The police verification has been approved and for the last 5 days it has just been showing that this is approved – there is no update. Do you know how long it will take for the process to be complete? It is a matter of urgency.

    1. Hi,

      I’m not sure about the process in foreign Bangladeshi mission, unfortunately. I think they are more active than the Bangladeshi RPOs so I’d suggest that you give them a call to find out.

  13. Hello Mr.Sajib thanks a lot for this information i have a question – i need to reissue my passport and i want to take a new photo so should i write about this on Expected correction part ?

    1. Hi there, you don’t need to write that as far as I’m concerned. When you submit the application, the officer will look at you and stamp “photo change needed”. But you can request him that as well. Just make sure to tell the officer about the picture change as soon as you hand over the application to him.

  14. Dear Mr. Sajib:

    I would like to change my present address and would like to see my present and permanent address same. Do I need additional documents? According to if I change my permanent address then I have to submit the passport application for police verification. Looking forward to your advice.


    1. Hi there, I’m not 100% sure whether another police verification is needed for the same address, but I’d advise you to follow the instructions and assume that they’re going to do it anyway. After all, we live in Bangladesh. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the nice guideline Mr. Sajib. Its really helpful. I have a query regarding Married women address change. I am going to reissue my wife’s passport. In her previous passport the address was her father’s address. But as you know after marriage the address of a women is changed. so what should we do in that case to change the address of a married woman inside passport and what types of documents we need to provide.
    You can add this issue in your this article because many married women are facing such a problem with this address change. but they are confused what to do and what papers they should submit. Thanks in advanced. 🙂

    1. Hi there, glad that you find this useful. I’m not positive what are the exact documents required for changing the address. The instructions here say that you need to fill out and submit the first form (DIP-1) for changing the permanent address, but it doesn’t specify anything about the present address. I’d suggest actually giving them a call and find out for sure. They have contact information on this page:

      When you know what the process is, it’d be awesome if you could come back and reply here letting us know how the procedure was and what documents were needed. 🙂

      Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

      1. As usual funny response from our govt. support! I have tried to call to that number of that contact page (02-8123788). it says number is off…! :p But they should write what type of document is needed to change newly married women address in passport. because it is normal issue for all married women of Bangladesh. if you get any guideline, then please let me know, and if i get any info, definitely i will comment here, because every women has to face this type of problem.

  16. Hallo! I did not understand the part with wearing white/light colour dress. Is it a requirement stated by passport office? I wore full black in my last passport photograph.

    1. Yes, this is a requirement. Wearing full black is probably fine, but wearing full light/bright/white is not. I don’t know how much effective that rule is, but it’s what’s written in front of the biometric room.

  17. It’s really very helpful. One question. Will I submit my current passport with the application form?

    1. No. They will take a look at your current passport and ask if you have any valid visas (do tell them if you do, otherwise they’ll put a hole in your passport). Then they give it back. They don’t keep it.

  18. Brother Sajib, My old passport contains my name with a MD. but second one has Mohammad . Can I staple both passport during travel ?

    1. I think that you’re supposed to keep all of your previous passports together. But if your previous passport was not MRP, I think you don’t need to carry that unless you have visas on that passport. The passport office should be able to give you the right information on this.

  19. Hello,
    The post is really helpful. I have applied for a canadian student visa and I got my visa. Now, the thing is my passport will be expired in 2021 so…will they reissue a passport for me as my passport is still valid for 3 years?

    1. I think you can reissue the passport, but why do you need to? As far as I know, if your visa expires, you can reissue it from Bangladeshi post/mission abroad and renew the visa afterwards.

  20. Thanks a lot for the informative article ! A great help indeed !

    May I need to be presented on the delivery day ? or anyone from my side can do that ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I think family members can collect the passport, otherwise, the applicant needs to be there as far as I know. But I’m not 100% positive on that so you may want to check that with the passport office when you apply.

  21. Hello sir I’m holding single name passport I want to add father name
    Because kingdom of Bahrain embassy of bangladesh issue passport single name they told me if you live before in Bahrain you have to add father name now I’m here in bangladesh I want to add father name reissue passport how to do please anyone help me give me idea
    Before I live in Bahrain 13 yrs If I want to go again in Bahrain I have to add father thank you

    1. You’ll need to go to the passport office and ask for details about the procedure on how to change your name. Last I heard, the government stopped allowing any changes to the names in passports. There might be special cases where the name can still be changed, but I’m afraid you’ll have to go to the passport office in person to ask about it.




    1. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. You can’t know in advance what will be the issue date. The issue date will not be 03.12.2018. It will be based on when you apply. It won’t take the current passport’s validity into account.

      2. When you’re applying for the passport renewal, tell the officer that your current passport has visas. You can keep both passports after you get the reissued passport together. Your visas will not become invalid. You will need to carry both the current and the reissued passports together whenever you’re traveling.

  23. Thank you so much bro for your detailed information on the reissue of passport. I need to change my name in the passport but I just came across the news that they have stopped taking passport to correct names. Is it true? Is there any other way I can change my name in the passport since they have issued such a circular? Please help 🙁

    1. As far as I know, changing name is no longer allowed like you heard. There might still be ways to do it, and to know that, you’ll need to pay the passport office a visit.

      Do let us know what you find out though.

  24. I want to change my signature.
    Should i write about it on the correction field?
    Or if i dont write about my signature change then whom should i ask about it?

    1. When you’re submitting the reissue application, tell them that you want to change your photo and signature. The signature can be changed in the biometric room where you’ll appear for your photograph to be taken. The operator will ask you whether you want to update the signature. As far as I know, you’ll need to change the photo to get into the biometric room which is the only place where you can change your signature as well.

  25. Hello, I want to reissue my passport but I have no corrections. Is it okay to put nothing in the corrections section of the DIP form?

  26. Thank you for your information. I just returned from Mansurabad Divisional Passport office, Chittagong. I needed renew of passport. I took with me filled DIP form 2 , old MRP passport’s photocopy and bank deposit slip. Since I needed picture change they told me to come again with completely filled DIP form 1 even with attached picture and attestation ???????. They said if you need to change picture you must submit filled DIP form 1 in addition to filled DIP form 2. Please take those with you if you go to their or feel the pain of going twice.

    1. I guess they haven’t updated their system. You can try convincing them by telling them about what’s stated on the passport’s official website. But I doubt anything will prove fruitful. After all, we live in Bangladesh.

  27. Hi, thanks a lot for you sharing regarding passport reissue in details. Is it really helpful indeed. I have some questions related to reissue. My current home location is jafraba, rayerbazar, dhaka. Can i go for
    re-issuing my passport to uttara office or i need to go agargaon office? Does it mandatory to go in person to the office or i can send someone else on behalf of me for submission the papers?
    I need to change my present address and occupation as well.I can make the changes in the correction column in the dpi form 2, if i am not wrong.

    1. I think you do need to reissue in the closest regional passport office. You may want to give the passport office a call to find that out for sure.

      You will need to go in person because the officer there needs to see you in order to determine if a picture change is necessary.

      You can change the present address by providing the documents required.

  28. Dear Sajib, my current passport which is not a MRP was issued in 2011 and now it is surely expired. What are the additional procedures/documents should I need to follow/submit to get MRP within a month? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

    1. Hi there, you’ll need to apply for a new passport basically since this will be the first MRP for you. Please check the site for the list of required documents to apply for a new passport.

  29. Dear Mr. Sajib,
    I find this article great one! I would be kind enough if you reply to the queries:
    a. My passport validity has just expired on 29.07.2018. Should I apply for a new MRP instead the term “renewal”?
    b. Though the first passport I collected from Agargaon office, May I apply this time to the regional passport office like Uttara, Dhaka?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      a. The term renewal is nonexistent. You reissue a passport, not renew it. If you already have an MRP, you’ll reissue the passport. If your expired passport is not MRP, then you’ll apply for a new MRP through the passport office’s website.

      b. I’m not sure about that actually. Please give the passport office a call to find that out. I’d prefer going to Agargaon if at all possible since it’s much easier there because they follow the new process. I’m not sure about whether the same process is followed in Uttara office.

  30. Hello Brother Sajib,
    Thank you so much for your amazing and informative post. I have one query.
    I have a MRP which will expire after 1.2 years. Can I request for reissue now? I will get 3 yrs work Visa so stamped visa with 3 yers validity will enhace the opportunity for jobs in a large extent. Otherwise, I will get only 1 yrs Visa and then will have to renew.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. I believe you can reissue the passport anytime you want. They may ask why you want to renew so early, but as far as I know, you will be able to reissue without a problem.

  31. Thanks for ur valuable information. But noted that, I corrected my name sattar bhuiya i/o sattar bhuyah in my NID in recent time. That’s why my NID no is changed on my new NID .

    So in that time I want to change my NID no and Name spelling in my passport with my father’s name sukkur Ali bhuiya I/O shukkur Ali according to my new NID and certificate.
    In that moment is it possible? If possible, please explain process , I will be grateful to u.

    1. I think it is possible if your name is different in your NID. But you’ll need to talk to an officer at the passport office to find out what kind of documents you need. You’ll also need to explain to them the situation because if you just ask them if you can change your name, they’ll straight up deny. So you will want to go the office and ask for suggestions from an officer.

  32. Hi, Thanks for your such a comprehensive article! Saves us a quite some time indeed. I hope to apply for the re-issue within a week. So, if I have understood correctly..
    1. I do not need to fill out any form before making the bank payment. The bank will provide me the necessary document for payment?
    2. Can I fill out the Application form in printing instead of writing?
    Hope to hearing from you soon!

    1. 1. You can take your current passport. The bank will use the information from the current passport to fill out the receipt. You can fill out the form after making the payment. It’s easier that way.

      2. I don’t see the option for filling out the form in printing. The form is supposed to be filled out by hand. So I’d suggest you do that.


  33. Helo Mr. Sojib
    I have my mother and just lost my father few days ago. So she is not mentally ok now and so as his physical condition is not that good. I want to renew her passport . I have one question . Is that necessary for my mother to present physically to reissue passport ? Or if I just submit all these necessary forms and info to the office will that work or will they accept it ?


    1. I believe it is necessary for her to be present because the officer looks at the applicant to judge whether a picture change is necessary. But you can go to the passport office yourself and ask the officer if they’d make an exception in this case.

  34. Hello brother, can you please inform me that what is the payment validity date? I mean ones I have paid passport fee, how much days I have to submit my application?

    1. I’ve heard somewhere that it’s valid for one year. But you should ask the bank to find out the accurate information about it.

  35. Dear Sanib,

    My orginial passport was from Agargoan, Dhaka though my home distict is Tangail. Now i am living in Chittagong for job purpose and not easy to be present in Agargoan , Dhaka passport office for reissue again due to time short and business.
    So my question is that can I reissue it from Chittagong regional passport office without any problem ?
    If i could , do I need any extra document for this ?
    I need to change some thing also as follows:
    1. Marrital status
    3. During delivery time , diffrent person can receive the passport if I authorize
    4 . My dress is not totally white , It is mixed of black and others colours. But from far way it looks quite. So it will be any problem during photo capture?

    Thanks ,
    Iqbal Hossain

    1. You will need to contact the regional passport office in Chittagong to find out what they need for reissuing the passport. From what I’ve heard, the process that I explained in this post is valid in Dhaka only. Other passport offices still need more papers/documents. So you should contact them or send someone to inquire from the regional passport office in Chittagong to find out more about what’s needed.

      The mixed color shirt should be fine.

  36. My current passport will expire 29 January 2019.But I need minimum 6 months validity for UK students I want to renew passport it possible to get new passport within 48 hours.pls let me konw.

    1. I don’t think it’s possible to get a new passport within 48 hours unless you have connection with someone at the passport office who can help you out with expedited printing. As far as I can tell, that option is not available for the general public.

  37. Hello brother,

    I need to renew my passport and add my middle name to it which is missing in my current passport. Could you point me to the right forms I need to fill up? What documents do I need to carry in this case?

    Would be grateful if you could help me out with few info.

    Thanks a ton.

    1. Hi there, last I heard, it was not possible to change the name in the passport. But I also heard that it is possible to do that. But there are no records of it online. So I advise that you pay a visit to the passport office and talk to an officer to find out what are needed.

  38. hello brother,
    i need to know if I have more than a year’s validity of the passport but still want to renew it, then there is a different DIP form which need to be filled up. can you please give me a link from where i can download that form? i have the usual date expired DIP form – II.

    1. You don’t have to fill up a different form. The renewal form is the same, DIP-2, no matter when your existing passport expires.

  39. Good Afternoon
    Could you kindly suggest me about reissue of a MRP. My PP will be expired on 01/06/2019, it was issued from Khulna on 02/06/2013. In my existing
    PP present address is Khulna, now I am residing at Dhaka but my permanent address is unchanged.
    Can I submit it at Dhaka Passport Office, or I should back to Khulna for reissue the PP.

  40. I have to re-issue of my passport as the date of my passport is going to be expired. Here I want to inform you that in my current passport the present address and permanent address both are same (as of Rajshahi). But as I am now living in Dhaka, so I want to include my present address as of Dhaka in my upcoming passport (when it will be re-issued). In this situation what I have to do? I mean, what are the formalities/procedures for re-issuing my passport and to include my present address there? I will be very happy if you kindly inform me about these two issues.

  41. Very helpful post. I have a query. I need to renew/ re-issue my passport. At the time of application submission, will they keep my previous passport (to give it with my new passport) or give it back after the application document checking.

  42. Thanks a lot for the brief, informative yet simple article. Hope this will help many of us in various difficulties.
    brother, I just need some information regarding re-issuing.
    Like, Can I apply from Dhaka as my current passport is issued form Chittagong?
    second, Is there any need to change the profession as I was student during my first passport processing?


    1. Hi there! I’m not sure if you can reissue from Dhaka. Please give the passport office a call to find that out. As for the profession, I don’t think it’s important to change that. But you can ask the officer at the time of submitting the form.

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