Rise Up Labs Organizes Mobile Gaming Contest in Smartphone & Tab Expo

Grameenphone Smartphone & Tab Expo has debuted in Dhaka today at Bangabandhu International Conference Center. Organizer Expo Maker has organized this much-anticipated smartphone expo for the third time; second time in this year.

The crowd seen today at the expo hall even before its official inauguration was a proof how much the people of Dhaka are enthusiastic about smartphones and tablet devices. The expo exhibits smartphones, tablet devices and other accessories from some of the prominent names in the market including Samsung, Asus, Acer, Huwaei, Lenovo, Symphony, and of course, Grameenphone.

grameenphone smartphone and tab expo

Various smartphones and tablet devices from these manufacturers are on display at Grameenphone Smartphone & Tab Expo. Visitors can purchase these devices at exclusive discounts or avail special gifts during the expo.

In addition to the big name brands, popular devices from Xiaomi, Ainol, TwinMOS, and even OnePlus One is available at the expo in Dhaka. Stalls of Gadget Gang 7, DX Generation, RN Tech, etc. are some of the companies that have put these devices on display at the expo. You can also check out various Okapia smartphones at the device and purchase if you like.

However, one of the biggest attraction of this expo was the mobile gaming contest, hosted by Rise Up Labs, in a rather spacious part of the venue. Titled to be the first time in Bangladesh, this mobile gaming contest focuses exclusively on the company’s latest release “Highway Chase” game that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

rise up labs highway chase gaming contest dhaka

The gaming contest has seen as much crowd as the expo itself, although some of the participants at the gaming contest expressed their disappointment over the fact that only one recently-released smartphone game is there for the contest.

Apparently people were expecting a few more popular games, like Temple Run, to be available at the gaming contest. But given that the contest was organized by Rise Up Laps, it was clear why they went with only one game.

The expo started today and will end on December 14th. If you’re even remotely enthusiastic about smartphones and tablet devices, don’t miss this expo. And if you want to participate in the game, you can give that a go too.

Photograph and news sourced from Android Kothon.

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