Startups Are Rounding Up for SparkupBD in Port City Chittagong

sparkupbd chittagong 2014

Startups are the future. The young entrepreneurs who take the brave step to create something based on their idea are the people who make the future happen. That’s why startups get a lot of attention all over the world. But it wasn’t until recently that Bangladeshi startups have started to rise. And thanks to the initiatives of various organizations, the startups these day get more attention than they would have gotten a few years ago.

In Dhaka, we have seen a number of heavily successful events take place based on startups. The events, like StartupBashBD — among others, have seen numerous workshops and seminars to help young entrepreneurs make the jump to the next level. But this time, the spark of startups is going to glow the port city Chittagong. On November 21, 2014, the first ever startup conference in the port city is going to be held at Chittagong Independent University. The event is titled “SparkupBD“, and the registration has already started.

The event is purposefully scheduled to be within the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014. It’s needless to say the importance of sharpening the entrepreneurial skills of the young people. Entrepreneurs in Dhaka have the chance to learn from the best industry experts. But why keep the growth within the limits of a city just because it’s the capital? To give entrepreneurs in Chittagong the same advantage of learning from the industry experts is the goal of this year’s SparkupBD. And so far, it has already created enough buzz.

As the first startup conference in the city, entrepreneurs from Chittagong will look up to the event with a lot of hope. And SparkupBD is ready to live up to their expectations. With over 10 carefully selected sessions and more than 10 industry experts attending the event as speakers, SparkupBD is already looking like an unmissable event for anyone who even has the tiniest willpower to create a startup. The sessions range from the basic startup topics such as funding the startup to some of the more advanced things like UI/UX and scaling the startup.

Key speakers at the event include Sajid Islam, CEO of HubDhaka; Jan-Cayo, co-founder of CodersTrust; Jami, CEO of NextStep Interactive; Samira Zuberi Himika, Director of BASIS, and others.

SparkupBD is sponsored by HubDhaka, Shetu, EMK Center, and Embassy of the United States of America in Dhaka. Other partners include Google Developer Group Dhaka, Startup RU, Hackwala, etc.

SparkupBD Early Bird tickets are on sale right now and will be available until November 9th. After that, the price will double and the seat may not be available to anyone that apply. So if you’re a startup or an aspiring entrepreneur from Chittagong, don’t think for a moment and register for SparkupBD right away. This is one of the events that shouldn’t be missed by any chance.

Have you ever been to any conference related to Startups? What do you expect to learn from Startup conference like SparkupBD?

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