Why we can’t enjoy rain in Dhaka

There are few things in Dhaka that we are supposed to enjoy but we can’t because the city gets in the way. A rainy day, especially in the monsoon, is picture-perfect. So many songs, poems, stories, and even TV dramas surround the rainy weather in this city of ours, but that’s where it’s perfect at […]

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#Dhaka is on Instagram!

HashtagDhaka is now on Instagram bringing you everyday photos and footage from your favorite city, Dhaka!

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A 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Dhaka

earthquake in dhaka

A mild earthquake of a magnitude 7.2 in Richter scale sent strong shockwaves across Dhaka. According to EMSC, the epicenter of the quake was Myanmar and it happend at 20:25:17.1 local time. People in Dhaka rushed to the streets as soon as the tremors were felt. Several sources reported that the tremors were felt in two waves after a […]

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Bangladeshi passport holders can visit Indonesia without a visa

indonesia visa on arrival

If you’re planning to take a trip to Indonesia, and you plan on returning within 30 days, all you need is a passport and $30 fee on arrival. Of course, that doesn’t factor in the cost of air tickets, lodging, and food. This comes as a blessing to many Bangladeshi travel enthusiasts. Many people love […]

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#Music: Careless Whisper in Vintage Style

careless whisper vintage

I planned to share this video on a Thursday night as we in Bangladesh relax on a Thursday night thanks to the following day off. However, it appears that I relax myself too much to actually get on my computer at the end of the day to share this music. So tonight, I thought, let’s […]

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Here’s how much I saved by buying an iPhone 6s from the US

iphone 6s aispictures

I’ll spare you all the good things about the iPhone 6s that other writers would put in the introductory paragraph of a post like this. I must say, though, contrary to popular belief, iPhone is not the best phone in the world. Rather, both iPhone, Android-based phones, and even dumb phones have their own pros […]

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The Story of the Early Days of Chatting

chatting on phone

Chatting is one of the most favorite activities of today’s generation. Whether that’s texting through an SMS pack or chatting via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, typing on mobile phones to chat with friends — and sometimes, strangers — has been around for a long time.

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Two Events Starting Tomorrow That Might Pique Your Interest

camera fest dhaka drik gallery

Here’s a friendly reminder of two separate events starting tomorrow in the city that you may be interested in going. One of these events is related to going which hopes to attract non-gamers as well, whereas the other one is for camera enthusiasts. Gamescon Dhaka 2016 Organized by Virtuosity Gaming Network, Gamescon Dhaka 2016 is expected […]

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