This is not the PayPal Bangladesh wanted

After years of giving false hopes, the ICT Division of Bangladesh yet again started the drama of PayPal being launched in Dhaka. Thousands of professionals who couldn’t wait any longer to have PayPal services available in Bangladesh flocked to all PayPal support channels to verify the authenticity of the news that first broke on Prothom […]

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Here’s how much I saved by buying an iPhone 6s from the US

iphone 6s aispictures

I’ll spare you all the good things about the iPhone 6s that other writers would put in the introductory paragraph of a post like this. I must say, though, contrary to popular belief, iPhone is not the best phone in the world. Rather, both iPhone, Android-based phones, and even dumb phones have their own pros […]

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The Story of the Early Days of Chatting

chatting on phone

Chatting is one of the most favorite activities of today’s generation. Whether that’s texting through an SMS pack or chatting via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, typing on mobile phones to chat with friends — and sometimes, strangers — has been around for a long time.

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Everything you need to know about watching Netflix in Bangladesh

Netflix in Bangladesh

Netflix just launched in Bangladesh. It’s the current hot topic among movie and TV show fans who want to watch movies legally without downloading it. Just how much should you expect from Netflix? Let this post be your introduction to the world of Netflix.

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Digital World 2015 Closes Through Award-Giving Ceremony at BICC

  After attractive massive audience to the four-day exposition held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Digital World 2015 concluded through an award-winning ceremony at Hall of Fame. Finance Minister AMA Muhith was the chief guest at the award-giving ceremony where Sajeeb Wazed Joy was present as special guest. The event was chaired by Zunaid Ahmed […]

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Brac Bank to Start Two-Factor Authentication for Online Banking

Security is the main concern for every party involved in Online Banking. Because the internet is a difficult place to be safe at, various security measures are constantly being applied to ensure the safety of internet transactions and other important accounts such as email and social media profile. One particular system known as Two-Factor Authentication is […]

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Startups Are Rounding Up for SparkupBD in Port City Chittagong

Startups are the future. The young entrepreneurs who take the brave step to create something based on their idea are the people who make the future happen. That’s why startups get a lot of attention all over the world. But it wasn’t until recently that Bangladeshi startups have started to rise. And thanks to the initiatives of various […]

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Internet Professionals in Bangladesh to Join BIPC Conference 2014

It’s common for internet professionals to stay behind the curtain — or at home — all the time because all they need to get their professional life going is a computer with internet access. However, being professionals means far more than just working from home. Networking is an important part and every person who wishes […]

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