This is not the PayPal Bangladesh wanted

After years of giving false hopes, the ICT Division of Bangladesh yet again started the drama of PayPal being launched in Dhaka. Thousands of professionals who couldn’t wait any longer to have PayPal services available in Bangladesh flocked to all PayPal support channels to verify the authenticity of the news that first broke on Prothom Alo early this month.

PayPal replied, on Twitter and on various support channels, that they are not launching in Bangladesh. And the people realized that we’re being trolled yet again, after all these months.

Paying online is essentially equivalent to making Bangladesh poorer because the money leaves our country!

What we need, what the freelancers and self-employed professionals who provide their services to clients worldwide truly need, is PayPal, the main services of PayPal that it’s known for around the world; not some crippled, half-baked service that isn’t even PayPal for real.

The service that is officially launching tomorrow is called Xoom, and while it’s a PayPal service, it’s hardly the solution we need.

xoom launching

Receiving and paying money from a worldwide selection of clients have been a long-term hassle for Bangladeshi professionals. Our government doesn’t hesitate to take pride in how we’re earning billions in outsourcing/freelancing sector. Yet when it comes to things that we truly need, like PayPal — again, the real deal, not Xoom — they can’t care less.

There are many reasons why Xoom is not enough for us. It can’t be said that nobody will benefit from its services. Sure, there are people who will reap the benefits of Xoom. But the majority of the people who need PayPal will not. In fact, the online professional communities couldn’t care less about Xoom launching in Bangladesh.

PayPal is not to be blamed here, let’s get one thing straight. Anyone familiar with the ridiculous, unfit-for-21st-century policies of Bangladesh knows that we can’t send money abroad. PayPal is used for paying and receiving money worldwide. If PayPal were to launch its services in Bangladesh, we would need to be able to pay online for goods and services.

What a horror that would be for our government! Paying online is essentially equivalent to making Bangladesh poorer because the money leaves our country! (This must be the government’s logic.) It can’t happen! We need to keep our money within borders so that we can be a richer country soon!

It’s clear that government doesn’t care — or maybe doesn’t even know — what the average people in this industry truly need. It’s sad that they will still advertise the launch of Xoom — which the people it’s aimed at couldn’t care less about — as a yet another “success” towards making our country digital.

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