How to watch Debi full movie online

Debi and Nishithini are arguably Humayun Ahmed’s two of the most popular mystery books in the Misir Ali series. The series is loved my millions across the world. But we are unfortunate that there won’t be any more Misir Ali books released in any of the book fair, ever. But when news spread that the first-ever screen adaptation of Misir Ali was in the works, fans could not wait to see how it would turn out.

The movie was finally released in theaters in October last year. Plenty of people have watched it already. But there are millions more who could not get enough time to plan a trip to the theaters. Thanks to Bioscope Live, they can now watch Debi full movie online without having to leave their home.

And those who already watched it can watch the movie again from the comfort of their home on a smartphone or computer.

Where to watch Debi online

To watch Debi full movie online, you need to have a Grameenphone connection because the movie is exclusively available only on Grameenphone’s Bioscope Live website.

While there are free contents to enjoy on Bioscope Live, to watch Debi, you need to subscribe to Bioscope Prime.

Don’t worry, it’s a fraction of the price you’d have to pay to watch the movie in theaters.

If you already have an internet connection (Broadband) at home, you can spend as little as 9Tk to get 3 days worth of Bioscope Prime. You can watch the movie as many times as you want during this validity.

How much will it cost?

Interestingly, I could not find the Bioscope Prime’s pricing anywhere on the web until I signed up for an account with my Grameenphone connection and attempted to watch Debi online.

I was then greeted with the subscription options as you can see on the left.

There are three payment plans for Bioscope Prime: 3-day validity, 7-day validity, and 30-day validity.

The 3-day plan will cost the above-mentioned 9 TK only. You can activate it by dialing *121*3400# from your GP number. You’ll also get 30 MB of data that you can use on Bioscope. I don’t know what good that is for since 30 MB is too little for any streaming purposes.

The 7-day plan costs a bit higher at 96 Tk. But you get 1 GB of regular internet (for all types of browsing) plus another GB of internet for streaming Bioscope content. You can activate it by dialing *121*3333#.

Lastly, the 30-day plan costs 49 TK (I know, that’s a weird pricing range), but it does not come with any regular internet. You do, however, get 5 GB of data to access and stream Bioscope on your phone.

Now the question is, which plan do you need?

If you have a broadband internet (WiFi) at home, and you only want to watch Debi online, you can get the lowest plan at 9 Tk. You don’t have to stream it using GP Internet. Your regular WiFi/internet will be able to stream Debi (and other Bioscope Prime content) after you subscribe to the pack.

Depending on whether the other titles in Bioscope Prime (such as Cockpit, Boss 2, Dhaka Attach, Poramon 2, Dohon, etc) excite you, you can get whichever plan you want based on the validity of the plans.

However, if you want to stream the movie using your phone’s internet connection (3G or 4G), then you’d want the plan that comes with a high amount of data (such as the 5GB of data to stream Bioscope content).

You can watch Debi online at this link after subscribing or you can download the app on your iOS or Android devices to stream at the palm of your hand.

Watch Debi in theaters if you can

There’s a certain Humayun Ahmed vibe in all of the movies the prominent author and director worked on during his lifetime. We will never know how the Debi the movie would have been if he were alive to direct it. But Debi director Anam Biswas has not failed to live up to the massive expectations and hype surrounding the movie. He has managed to keep at least some of that Humayun Ahmed vibe going in the entire movie.

Everyone in the cast has done a great job portraying the legendary characters from the book. What I particularly loved was the atmosphere and the lifelike sound work. This alone makes it worth watching the movie at a theater. I would highly recommend anyone watching the movie at a proper cinema if you have the chance, time, and budget.

For everyone else, now is the opportunity to enjoy Anam Biswas’ beautiful adaptation of the first book in Misir Ali series, Debi.

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