Why we can’t enjoy rain in Dhaka

There are few things in Dhaka that we are supposed to enjoy but we can’t because the city gets in the way. A rainy day, especially in the monsoon, is picture-perfect. So many songs, poems, stories, and even TV dramas surround the rainy weather in this city of ours, but that’s where it’s perfect at — pictures. When you’re about to go on with your daily life in Dhaka, and cloud begins to make an appearance, you can’t help but go “Oh God, no!”

Although the reasons for this is not foreign to anyone who has been living in Dhaka for the past couple of months, if you’re living abroad or just have no idea what goes on in this city, here’s a refresher why we can’t enjoy rain in Dhaka.

Lack of boats

They don’t say you need a boat to get around in Dhaka in the rainy season for no reason. It literally gets to a point where a boat is a perfect solution to get around, even in “posh” areas like the inside of Bashundhara Residential Area. Is the water drainage system so bad, even in those supposedly well-planned areas, that just half an hour’s rain can turn the otherwise beautiful roads into waterways?

More importantly, if that is the scenario of Bashundhara R/A, imagine what it’s like in the rest of the city where the city corporation is still carrying out digging and whatnot in the name of “development.”

Yeah, as much as you love the raindrops, they don’t go away after they hit the land. They stay there and make your day miserable if you need to commute someplace no matter where.

It’s almost ironic that we don’t have enough boats for transportation during those ‘flood-by-rain’ while the election symbol for the ruling party is a boat.


Mudding may be Louis Litt’s favorite activity in Suits, but it isn’t for anyone in Dhaka. Especially when the mud in question is in outdoors, produced by ‘natural means.’

So, when it’s been a while after the rain and you’re sure that there are no puddles anymore, you go out only to find out that there’s mud everywhere. Thanks to the city corporation geniuses who couldn’t pick a better time than the rainy season to do all sorts of “development work”, your day will be ruined by the slippery surface that’s determined to introduce you to the world of Loius Litt.

You do have to agree with one thing that it’s better to move while it’s raining than afterward because that way you can avoid having to deal with mud.

One transportation, please?

I would be wrong if I went ahead with the title above. It’s not that there is no transportation on a rainy day in Dhaka. It’s just that, you will have a hard time getting into a bus or hailing a CNG to do you a favor by getting you to wherever you want to go. It’s been this way for a long time now, and I see no reason why it may change anytime soon.

Those with a private vehicle are not free from worries either. They have to worry about going through flooded areas which can easily cause their cars to break down. After all, what can a car do when it enters a boat territory?

On the flip side…

Even if your mom didn’t cook Khichuri to at least make your day better amid all the terrible things that you have to go through in Dhaka on a rainy day, there is some comfort that you’ll find the things below when you log into Facebook after a hectic day.

Romantic Statuses

Mostly produced by those lucky fellas who didn’t have to get out of their home, these Facebook statuses will remind you of every poem, romantic story, and movie that you have or haven’t seen yet. The upside of this is that you’ll see the ‘hidden side’ of your friends who otherwise do not admit that they secretly have a crush on someone.

Because rain brings the best in us, you’ll suddenly see those friends posting quotes and pictures that raise your eyebrows and makes you Dr. Watson to go on a hunt to find out who your friend’s crush is.

Hashtag Rain

And then there is Instagram. Everyone becomes busy uploading pictures of the rainy Dhaka. Who can blame them? The congested city that we live in barely has anything out of the ordinary to photograph and upload. On days that bring us heavy rain, we can’t avoid the hassles that being a Dhaka dweller brings us. But the least we can do is enjoy whatever is worth enjoying.

What’s your favorite activity on a rainy day?

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